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Oregon Dairy Industries has named apples processor Ever Fresh Fruit Company Dairy Supplier Company of the Year for 2007

Why Ever Fresh?

  • Quality
  • Service
  • Responsiveness
  • Development
  • Experience
  • Knowledge
  • Certified Organic

Welcome to Ever Fresh

Ever Fresh Fruit Company is a leader in industrial fruit processing, quality processed apples, and formulated food products. We bring the fruit and flavor elements to our customer's products in the abundance they need, with a uniqueness that sets them apart.

The Ever Fresh approach is to provide our customers with a finished component that brings more than flavor to their formula. Our fresh, frozen and prepared products contain special qualities that are reflected by the ingredients we begin with. Our Product Development team works closely with our customers to provide just the right process to exceed expectations. Once the perfect product is created, we are committed to provide consistency of quality.

Apples Processing

Ever Fresh is located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. We have earned a reputation for our quality apples, processing with care. Our growers are committed to environmentally sound sustainable agricultural practices.

We begin with top quality fruit and add in professional processing designed to industry best practices. Our automated processes convert whole fruit into apple slices and dices, in either a fresh or frozen state according to your product specifications.

Formulated Food Ingredients

Ever Fresh produces a wide array of specialized foods which enhance our customer's end product. We regularly produce products that are non-dairy, allergen free, all natural and certified organic to meet your requirements.

Ever Fresh approaches custom flavor development as a process of layering flavors and textures to create an overall flavorful impression. Our team has developed an array of flavors to go with the products we offer.

About Us

We produce quality food components and ingredients for the baking and dairy industries. Companies seeking more than just a pie filling, turn to Ever Fresh to provide a product that is consistent and delicious. It's the right texture, size of cut and flavor that meets exacting professional standards.

Our clients range from premium bakeries to multinational companies. They come to us because of our unwavering commitment to quality, service and innovation.

Processed Apples

  • Fresh or Frozen
  • Sliced or Diced
  • Highest Quality
  • Certified Organic
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Baby Food Ingredients

Formulated Products

  • Bakery Fillings / Toppings
  • Yogurt Fruit Preparations
  • Ice Cream Bases, Variegates and Fruit Feeders
  • Bar Coatings
  • Sherbet Base Flavorings
  • Syrups
  • Non-Dairy
  • Certified Organic

Our Certifications and Affiliations

  • Certified Organic
  • Kosher
  • NWFPA (Northwest Food Processors Association)
  • OTA (Organic Trade Association)
  • ODI (Oregon Dairy Industries)
  • AFFI (American Frozen Food Institute)
  • AIB (American Institute of Baking)

Yogurt Fruit Preparations
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