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Products & Services

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Ever Fresh is here to serve your needs in selecting the best ingredients, finding unique ingredients and developing product formulations that are custom to your wants and needs. We don’t just make it, we make it better!

Elizabeth Reilly

We enjoy working with Everfresh. They are extremely personable, professional and timely. Their product development department has one of the fastest turnaround times we’ve ever experienced. Additionally, they have the knowledge to create custom products that meet our specific ingredient requirements. Over the many years we’ve worked with Everfresh we’ve found their products to be consistently high in quality, function and taste. They schedule regular in-person visits to check in, proving our satisfaction is high on their priority list.

Coconut Bliss

Elizabeth Reilly / Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss

Ever Fresh is recognized as one of our Valued Vendors and Supplier of the Year for 2018. This recognition is based on the tremendous amount of work done behind the scenes to keep our Bakery Plant running as efficently as possible by supplying quality apple slices. Ever Fresh works well with our planning team to understand the needs of our business and continually make changes to accommodate Weston Foods. Your partnership and dedication is recognized and appreciated.

Brett Jones / Weston Foods

The Team in the Product Development Center, led by Melanie, are amazing. They are well versed in the current trends and develop new concepts along side our R&D Team in a fast and efficient manner. Their process allows us to be nimble in an ever changing market and deliver new flavors and concepts to the consumer quickly.


About Us


Ever Fresh Fruit Company is located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. Founded in 1968, we are a quality apple processor and formulated ingredient manufacturer for the Food, Dairy and Beverage industry. We specialize in high quality processed apples and high quality food and flavor ingredients. We are certified organic and can produce ingredients that are allergen free, all natural and non-dairy. Ever Fresh produces for many national brands and artisan companies alike.

Some of the markets that we serve:

Yogurt and Frozen Dessert

Ice Cream

Dairy & Non-Dairy



Fillings and Toppings

Food Service

Ever Fresh brings the fruit and flavor elements to our clients in the abundance they need with the uniqueness that sets them apart. Our clients range from premium bakeries and dairies to multinational food companies.

Our research and development is done in-house. Our knowledgeable staff is available to develop new products, support existing or enhance established products. We turn around concepts quickly, and can provide product for test marketing in a short amount of time. Our philosophy is that we achieve success when we help our customers to be successful and by producing innovative products of the highest quality. We measure success thru quality, service and good business practices. We don’t just make it, we make it better!


Ever Fresh is committed to providing our customers with safe, quality food products. We achieve this by: Following our Food Safety and Quality Management Systems to meet customer and regulatory requirements, continually improving our systems, regularly reviewing our food safety and quality objectives, having each employee understand and carry out these objectives each day and providing the resources to achieve these objectives.