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Ever Fresh Fruit Co is a leading manufacturer of natural, allergen free, Kosher and certified organic fruit filling and other products. We formulate, process and package organic fruit, fruit products and non-fruit products. Ever Fresh produces a wide array of specialized flavor ingredients for uses in bakery products, yogurt fruit preparations and ice cream bases; perfect for pastry filling or pie filling! Our focus is to improve taste, texture and appearance in our customer’s products.

We specialize in custom ingredient products for bakery, baby food, yogurt and ice cream manufacturers in the Pacific Northwest. Our team has developed an array of flavors to go with the specialty ingredients we offer. These include both fruit and non-fruit flavor ingredients, including amazing apple filling.

Customer partnering is a preferred method of doing business. We provide premium bakeries with pie filling, pastry filling, fruit filling and toppings. For frozen dessert producers, we furnish ice cream bases, variegates, fruit feeders, bar coatings, sherbet base flavorings and syrups. We are a leading manufacturer of fruit and flavor preparations for drinkable and spoonable yogurt.

Quality and Food Safety

Our focus is on supplying safe ingredients of superior quality and purity. We have an extensive quality program which includes following strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and Allergen Control programs and procedures. We have well documented procedures with complete lot traceability and supplier certification programs. We conduct regular internal and third party audits, reviews and inspections to insure only top quality and safe products are delivered to our customers.

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