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Apple Processing

Sliced, Frozen & IQF Apples

Our Apple processing plant is located in the Great Northwest with access to growers of the best apples in the world. We specialize in providing quality processed apples to Food Service companies, Specialty Bakeries and Baby Food manufactures. Whether you require 4 pallets or multi-truckload quantities, Ever Fresh can supply your requirements for processed sliced apples, diced apples or even outstanding IQF apples. Ever Fresh has year-round availability of high quality product.

We are the region's largest certified organic apple processor. We regularly process Gala, Fuji, Golden Delicious and Granny Smith apples. We have sources of supply for other varieties if your product requires it.

You will find that we are easy to work with and are dedicated to supplying apple products to meet your needs. We sell both fresh, frozen and IQF apple (Individually Quick Freeze) products. Our processing allows us to vary our size of dice, apple variety, antioxidant, packaging and more to fit your product requirements.

Quality Diced Apples and Food Safety

We understand that the quality of your product will reflect the quality of the raw material from which it was made. We approve our suppliers to verify their Food Safety program through a quality review and random quality audits. Our production facilities follow strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and Allergen Control programs and procedures. Our core values include attention to quality and safety as our goal is to provide the safest, highest-quality frozen sliced apples to our customers!

Apple Varieties

Gala Apple Fuji Apple Golden Delicious Granny Smith Apple


Pinkish-orange stripes over a yellow background with a taste that is aromatically-sweet and snappy. Used for pies, baking, snacking and salads. Gala harvest begins in the middle of August and lasts through early September.


Immensely flavorful, and originally from Japan. These apples are great fresh or processed. They are known for their firm texture and sweetness. Used for pies, baking, snacking. Fujis are harvested in October.

Golden Delicious

It’s the all-purpose apple, mellow and sweet. Goldens are used for pies, sauces, baking, and freezing. They’re harvested in September.

Granny Smith

Tart, crisp, juicy and versatile. Grannies are a favorite of pie-bakers. They’re also excellent for sauces, juice, baking, freezing and salads. Grannies are harvested in October.

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