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About Us

Apple Processing and Formulated Food Ingredients

Our Company

Ever Fresh Fruit Company is located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. Founded in 1968, we are a quality apple processor and formulated ingredient manufacturer for the Food and Dairy industry. We specialize in high quality processed apples and high quality food and flavor ingredients. We are certified organic and can produce ingredients that are allergen free, all natural or non-dairy. Ever Fresh partners with our customers including many "household" names.

Some of the markets that we serve:

Ever Fresh brings the fruit and flavor elements to our clients in the abundance they need with the uniqueness that sets them apart. Our clients range from premium bakeries and dairies to multinational food companies.

Our research and development is done in-house. Our knowledgeable staff is available to develop new products, support existing or enhance established products. We turn around concepts quickly, and can provide product for test marketing in a short amount of time.

Our philosophy is that we achieve success when we help our customers to be successful and by producing innovative products of the highest quality. We measure success thru quality, service and good business practices. We donít just make it, we make it better!


Using Good Manufacturing Practices we produce only the highest quality ingredients that meet our standards for freshness, taste, nutritional value, safety, appearance and our customerís needs. We are committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of our business.


We go to extraordinary lengths to satisfy and delight our customers. We want to meet or exceed their expectations. We know that by doing so we turn customers into advocates for our business. We want to serve our customers competently, efficiently, knowledgeably and with innovation.

Good Business Practices

Good business practices form the basis for all of our relationships with employees, customers, competitors and suppliers. Our decisions revolve around their impact on our customers and our desire to make it easier to do business with Ever Fresh.

Our Mission

With a goal of being the Northwestís premier supplier, Ever Fresh Fruit Company provides specialty food ingredients to the dairy, bakery and food service industries with an emphasis on innovative product development, rapid reaction time, unsurpassed flexibility, superior quality and outstanding customer service.

Core Values

Commitment to Human Rights

Integrity through ethical behavior and honesty is Ever Fresh Fruit's foremost core value. This foundational mentality is instilled in each employee and is the driving force behind our mission to be the Northwest's premier supplier. Our superior quality products start with the best ingredients. Much the same, our commitment to integrity starts with our suppliers.

Ever Fresh Fruit does not engage or condone slavery or human trafficking. Polices have been established to ensure that our practices and products meet all applicable local, state and federal laws including civil rights laws, wage and hour laws. Based upon our working relationships, we believe that the risk associated with our suppliers engaging in slavery or human trafficking is low. Ever Fresh Fruit does not currently certify suppliers, but does distribute documentation audits to suppliers to verify the same integrity and commitment to human rights. Documentation audits are performed by trained Ever Fresh Fruit employees, and any findings that may be linked to human trafficking and slavery are immediate grounds for disqualification. Ever Fresh Fruit maintains an active registry of approved suppliers based upon documentation audit results.

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